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The Numerule is an easy to use maths teaching aid. The Numerule replaces many existing concrete maths aids used in the classroom. It’s well placed to assist children with the Australian Maths Curriculum.





The Inventor

Hi my name is John and I have been an enthusiastic and committed primary school teacher for over 30 years. Most of my teaching has centered on older primary school students, so when my principal asked me to teach in the early years classes I was amusingly surprised. 

Younger students certainly have a lot of fun with the educational learning aids in the classroom. Many of these aids in mathematics can be small, easily lost and sometimes used in a fashion for which they were not really intended. While I treasured the interaction with the younger students it is certainly sometimes challenging in relation to simple organisation; with time wasted packing away important, but intricate concrete resources used particularly in mathematical lessons. I felt that these distractions impacted hugely on efficient time use and concentration in the classroom. 

Quite simply the Numerule I have designed does not only reduce time wasted, it helps students to focus more readily on distinct areas of mathematics, such as simple operations, number recognition and measurement. It also saves space, travels with the child and does not involve small easily lost pieces.


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